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Conventions are fun and exciting events where you can meet hundreds of people who like the same things as you. One common way to get involved in a convention is through cosplay. Cosplay (n) is dressing like and assuming the mannerisms of a particular character, typically a character that you like very much.

AnimeIowa features thousands of cosplayers every year. From my experience, at least half of attendees cosplay to some degree. You may see various levels of cosplay: from a white shirt and jeans for L Lawliet in Deathnote, to full-blown, spray-painted, cardboard and foam robots (like from FLCL).

Getting involved with cosplay is easy. Start by choosing a character. Choose one that you can create (or buy) a costume for, and one that you also like. You have to be able to act like the character as well - it's called maintaining proper form. No one will get mad if you do it badly, so long as you try your hardest. Then enjoy the convention! Make sure, though, that your costume does not violate any rules. For example, roller blades are not allowed at most conventions.
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